October 21, 2017

Modularity for introverts and extroverts ...or what it means that large things are an accumulation of small things...21st October 2017, Based on Keynote for Reactive Summit 2017

This is an essay about how we draw boundaries around things, and what that means to us. It s...

September 4, 2017

How monitoring lets us down by shrugging off non-trivial causation.

In a series of recent papers, I sketched out a particular way of looking at reasoning, based on the idea that space and time are at the root of all our cognitive and logical processes. It's a simple ide...

January 1, 2017

How rich information alters the economics of cooperation and work

(Based on talks given at AllDayDevops and Devops REX Paris in December 2016)

The economic model we live by grew out of humanity's effort to scale up its supply of basic needs, giving communities the means...

November 1, 2016

Invited comment to JESA journal.

The USENIX Journal of Education in System Administration

Volume 2, Number 1 • November 2016www.usenix.org/jesa/0201

A few years ago, I struck up a conversation with a woman at a cafe in San Jose, Silicon Valley, and she asked me what I did...

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May 25, 2018

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